5 ways you can harness VR marketing for business

The term, VR marketing, is something you’ve probably heard of with the recent breakthroughs in mobile and virtual reality hardware. With new technology comes new promotion opportunities and you are just in time to get a piece of that virtual reality pie. Like any form of content marketing, there are 2 main things you should focus on: creation and promotion.

Creating immersive content isn’t only for big companies with a team of developers. 360° cameras have become inexpensive and practical, especially with mobile 360° cameras like the Insta360 Air or Samsung Gear 360 which gives you the power to capture content in 4K. But how can you and your business make the most of it in your marketing?


Here are 5 ways you can harness VR Marketing:


360° Photos

We don’t need to tell you the benefits of including pictures in your social media posts. Images are engaging, they can tell a story and as a wise person once said: a picture is worth a thousand words. 360° photos take this to a new level. Instead to showing your audience a snippet of a moment in time, you can put them inside it. The great thing about 360° pictures is that no additional hardware is needed. The Facebook app has built in 360° photo functionality, as well as Google’s Cardboard camera. This gives anyone the power to create them, anytime, anywhere, though they do have their limitations. Particularly when things are moving around, you can expect jitter, duplication’s and an overall unprofessional picture. If you have a 360° camera, this will be a much better option for you to create images on the go.

Promotion Platforms: Facebook, WordPress Websites, Google Street View

Pro Tip – many 360° cameras can also take flat, spherical photos which have sizable followings on Instagram (check out #tinyplanet and #360photography).


360° Videos

If you’re looking for a versatile type of content, 360° videos are here, and they are compatible with not only PC and mobile but VR headsets too! The average viewer of this content medium won’t be using a VR headset, but that doesn’t mean the optional hardware is redundant. Cardboard headsets are incredibly cheap and customisable which means PR events, conventions or expo’s can help you stand out and leave a lasting impression. You will unfortunately need a 360° camera if you are wanting to make these videos, but the investment will pay off with the ability to push your videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

Promotion Platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo


360° Live Streaming

Believe it or not, but 78% of online audiences watch live video on Facebook. You’ve probably had a notification pop up on your phone telling you that the celebrity, personality or sports team you follow is “going live”. Audiences love interacting with content, and what is more interactive than communicating in real time? The answer is 360° live streaming. The ability to be in an immersive environment with people you’re interested in is a completely new way for you to interact with your audience. Live streaming has been talked about a lot when it comes to promotion, and VR marketing isn’t any different. Just like 360° video, you will need to own a 360° camera to do this.

Promotion Platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Periscope

Golden Nugget – This is our personal favourite!


360° Advertising

If you run online ads, there is a very high chance you use Google AdWords. If you’ve created an advert in 360°, using AdWords, you can display it on YouTube as a TrueView ad. The stats are in, too! Compared to normal video ads, 360° versions have showed to have a video completion rate 46% higher and a return of interest, 14% higher. Those are some impressive figures and it made us think, “are we throwing money away on standard video ads?”. Just like the other video mediums, to create video ads, you will need a 360° camera as a minimum, but with advertising, you will need some very savvy professionals to make it worth your while!

Promotion Platforms: AdWords

Pro Tip – You can promote your 360° videos on Facebook to reach a wider audience.


Hire a Specialised Agency

If you want to move away from 360° content and run a campaign which has a touch of magic that will make you stand out from the crowd and be memorable, an agency is your answer. An interactive VR application, for mobile, PC VR headset or all-in-one headsets, create memorable experiences which people will talk about. As well as this, life duration for pieces of content like these are much longer as they have the appearance of standalone products. You can find Virtual Reality studio’s in your country here.


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