Stitched – The App Changing How We View Content

Finally a VR app for mobile that brings standard videos to life…


Virtual Reality is here, it’s new and you can experience things in a completely different way. Unless you have splashed out on a 360° camera or you’ve used Facebook’s clunky solution to 360° photos on their app, you probably haven’t made anything in VR. Additional hardware costs and relatively new consumer level technology, means the average Virtual Reality user only views content, instead of creates it. We’ve seen many platforms grow to include a space for 360° videos including YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and Vimeo. This has been great for 360° video producers who are sharing their work in an unsaturated library for 360° content. In a world where content creation has sky-rocketed due to ease of distribution through social media and the abundance of smart phones, immersive content creation is the next consumer-level medium.

Independent 360° photo applications like Panorama 360, are getting more and more popular on the App Store and Google Play. The LG V30 smart phone even includes built in functionality for 360° panorama images now. There is no denying that the technology has its foot in the door. TVRLP has developed a new collaborative application though, which brings standard videos to life in a 360° environment which is set to be a game changer.

Users can create content alone or with others, by combining 4 different videos in an immersive environment.

Create Discover Collaborate Stitched

With the new app, Stitched, users can create VR experiences with friends with only a smartphone (you don’t even need a VR headset to enjoy it). Using a new technology, the idea of “social” needed an update too. Users can create content alone or with others, by combining 4 different videos in an immersive environment. Work with friends and turn the moments in life that you and your friends capture, into shared Virtual Reality experiences. By creating together, the shared moments we experience in life turn into shared moments in content.

Stitched Rooms are a new way to showcase your normal videos in a VR environment. Each room displays 4 videos of any length. You can upload all 4 videos yourself or you can share up to 3 of the video spaces, so your friends can upload too. You might have videos from that party last night or that holiday you just came back from. Customise your room with different Room Themes, write a description and share it with the world.

On Stitched, there is a “Discover” section where users can find the most popular content. Dive into different experiences from around the world, follow users, like, comment and share a new medium which brings the past to life. There is also a “Friends and Followers” section. Here you can find the content from the people you follow, as well as your friends. Friends are classified as the people who follow you and you follow back. If you are friends with someone, gain access to their “Friends-Only” content. This is the content with specific privacy settings which makes it restricted to only that users friends instead of being public.

As you’d expect, Stitched has direct messaging and notifications. In the settings, the choice of whether you receive messages from everyone or just your friends is available. In the notifications, find the standard things like if someone liked, shared or commented on your pieces of content. You can also find “Room Requests” here. A Room Request is when someone invites you to upload a video to their room.

Android users can sign up to the Stitched Beta Community now and gain access to the Beta Community forum on the website. Soon, Android users who have signed up will get the Stitched Beta app, the early access version to try before global release, as well as future features which will change the way you interact with the world around you. To see what other projects TVRLP is working on, you can check out our portfolio.

Dive into a new world of content. We hope to see you there!