At TVRLP, we provide solutions for the Immersive Reality (VR, AR, MR) and AI industries. We focus on 3 main areas – development, partnerships and resource sharing and thought leadership.


TVRLP provides specialist development solutions utilising Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Reality for the training, entertainment, medical and education sectors.

TVRLP Solutions AI development

Artificial Intelligence

Technology is smart, but your technology can be the smartest with AI that learns adaptively.

Security & Defense

Security & Defense

Defense is a basic necesity. We need to feel secure first before thinking about technology and money.

TVRLP Solutions Virtual reality development

Virtual Reality

Become totally immersed in experiences which change the world around you.


Internet of Things

Worldwide is connected and we are the world. Join to the change and communicate with the things.

TVRLP Solutions AR Development

Augmented Reality

Get a glimpse of the virtual world overlaid in the world around you. Make the impossible possible.

TVRLP Solutions mixed reality development

Mixed Reality

Combining the real and digital worlds together is an experience like no other. Interact with your surroundings through the digital environment.

Partnerships and resource sharing.

At TVRLP we love building partnerships with people and companies who are in the AI / BlockChain / IR fields. We believe knowledge and resource partnerships are the key to advancing the technologies and creating a more connected world for everyone. To find out about our current partners, you can visit our partnerships page.

TVRLP Solutions partnerships


Combine your knowledge with the power of TVRLP. Meet other industry professionals and companies and grow together.

TVRLP Solutions companies and facilities

Companies and facilities

Knowledge shared is knowledge doubled! We’ve partnered with amazing companies and facilities including universities and research labs.

TVRLP Solutions resource sharing

Resource Sharing

Partnerships in not only knowledge, but resources are also welcomed. We have worked hand in hand with other companies on new and exciting projects.

Thought Leadership.

Our team is made up of specialist professionals who know their work inside and out. At TVRLP we have a set of thought-leadership aims focused on educating and entertaining the world on the newest technologies that bring us together. If you are interested in guest blogging, please contact us for more information.

TVRLP Solutions blog posts

Blogs and Resources

We’re firing up our creative minds to bring you both educational and entertaining content and resources.

TVRLP Solutions guest blogging

Guest blogging

Partnerships are not only for companies and developers. If you work with new and exciting technologies and love to write, we’ll share it with the world.

TVRLP Solutions Public Speaking

Public Speaking

We love to chat! Our team can often be found on TV, radio, or at events. We love talking about technology, our projects, or partnerships.