TVRLP is dedicated to the development of in-house and third-party Immersive Reality solutions, which includes Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Although the technology can be applied to an unlimited number of sectors, we are specialists in solutions dedicated to Education, Marketing and Entertainment, Medical and Training. We create standard protocols that we subsequently apply to other companies and organisations in the same sector.

We develop our own in-house solutions based on two fundamentals: scalability and globalisation. We are currently preparing for the release of a collaborative social app where users can create Virtual Reality experiences from normal videos captured on their mobile devices.

Immersive Reality Services for Business and Pleasure


Immersive Reality Services

TVRLP specialises in creating bespoke Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions for companies worldwide. By harnessing the power of these technologies, companies can further develop their business goals and bring their services into the 21st century.


Immersive Reality is at the forefront of modern entertainment which allows businesses to engage with their users in brand new ways. The uses for these technologies are limitless in comparison to prior methods of engagement; overlay information into your environment in real time with mobile AR, generate new business with new visualisations of your work in VR to give a truly memorable display, train employees or give demonstrations of your product or service in real world scenarios while eliminating risk. All of this is possible with Immersive Technologies. The only limit is your imagination.


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In-House Products Which Stand Out…

We are currently developing a new collaborative application for both Android and iOS called Stitched. Users will be able to work with friends and create Virtual Reality experiences using videos captured through the app or from their device storage. Stitched is compatible with cheap VR headsets like the Google Cardboard but it is not mandatory.

Discover new content


In the discover section, find the top Stitched Rooms and 360 content on Stitched. Follow users, comment, like and share like on social media platforms you’re used to.


Friends and Followers


If you follow someone and they follow you back, you become friends. Not only will you have access to all their public content but also view their Friends-Only content.

Collaborate in Stitched Rooms


Each Stitched Room has 4 different video spaces where you can capture or upload a clip or share the space with a friend for them to upload.


Lots more to come


Our development team are continuously updating and improving the app for the users. Expect a few tricks up our sleeve in the near future!