TVRLP in the Media.

In May 2018, our CEO, Miguel Hormigos, went on live TV with one of our partners CMM to talk about TVRLP, Stitched and more. Thank you to CMM for having us on and we look forward to working together very soon!


In October 2017, our CEO, Miguel Hormigos, was a guest on the Spanish television show, Non Stop People, which airs on Movistar TV. Miguel can be seen discussing Virtual Reality, the impact so far and future trends. We are very grateful to Non Stop People for having us on their show. Please show them some love by dropping a like on the video.

We are glad to announce our alliance with Lexicon Science, in partnership with the Centre For Process Innovation and Catena Space in order to develop new materials and processes in nanotechnology, optics, immersive technology/ augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Shaping the present and the future!


You can check out their new website at:

Stitched in the Media.

On 16th January 2018, CincoDías, a national digital newspaper in Spain, published an article about our upcoming Virtual Reality application called Stitched. Stitched is a collaborative app which allows users to create immersive 360 degree experiences out of standard videos captured on a mobile device, or through the app.


The article goes into detail about Stitched, what you can expect from it in the future, and TVRLP. You can read the article here.


On 12th March 2018, our CEO, Miguel Hormigos, returned to the Spanish television show, Non Stop People, this time to talk about Stitched. Miguel talked about what Stitched is, the features, and what this means for mobile VR and AR, now and it the future. We are very grateful to have returned to Non Stop People. Please support their YouTube channel by liking and subscribing.


Virtual Raccoon Lab Release.

In 2017, TVRLP released Virtual Raccoon Lab, a Virtual Reality eCommerce website which gave developers of high quality VR content, a chance to stand out from the masses. In the TVRLP office in Albacete, Spain, local news journalists and government figures came to unveil the launch. Check out the release event articles here.


On the release day and in subsequent ads, our release video was shown which contains clips and game-play from the PC VR applications which were on the store. View the release video right here.


For more information about Virtual Raccoon Lab and to receive a copy of our press note/press dossier, available in both Spanish and English, please email: [email protected] For more information about TVRLP or the Virtual Raccoon Lab, click here to contact us, or email us at: [email protected].


You can visit Virtual Raccoon Lab at: