At TVRLP, we love working with great companies who have amazing ideas we can get behind.

Developing an idea into a project and turning it into a finished product is something we take pride in, and get a huge sense of satisfaction from. As well as creating bespoke solutions for companies from a variety of industries, we develop our own in-house products which we are very excited about. Check out some of our work in our portfolio below:

Sanchez Y Murcia Logo

In 2017, Gasoleos released their new catalogue and wanted to do something a bit different to promote it. Included in the catalogue was a link to an Augmented Reality application for both Android and iPhone which we created. This app recognised the company logo and opened up an animation of a road showing one of their trucks driving down it. With audio and responsive display when the user moved, the catalogue was bought to life through the power of AR. The application can be downloaded here.


Stitched is a collaborative app for Android and iPhone which gives users the power to create Virtual Reality experiences from the videos on their smartphone with no additional hardware, as well as upload 360 degree videos. With a sophisticated direct messaging system, following, liking, commenting and sharing, Stitched will change the way immersive reality content is viewed. Visit the Stitched website at www.stitchedapp.com.

Virtual Raccoon Lab is a VR software store

Virtual Raccoon Lab is an online store dedicated to games and experiences for PC powered Virtual Reality devices, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR. We have both free and premium games and with our fair price model, no one gets charged more for being in a different location. Happy gaming! Check out Virtual Raccoon Lab now at www.virtualraccoon.com


Desafió Bullying is a non-profit organisation based in Spain, committed to the detection and prevention of bullying in schools. We have developed a website for Desafió Bullying, built upon WordPress with functionality for visitors to donate to the project. Once funding has been gathered, the development of a bullying detection app will begin.

Win Dragons Logo

We are currently developing WinDragons for NetMedia Play App, and you can expect its release in 2018. Prepare for something big!

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