The idea of TVRLP was born in Brighton, UK by our CEO, Miguel Hormigos with the one aim: bring Virtual Reality to the people. In 2016, the company was set-up in Albacete, Spain, and the ideas about Virtual Reality at the company developed into the idea that everybody should be able to experience VR while making sure developers got their fair share of the pie.  2 years later, after some fantastic projects and partnerships (and coffee!), we have grown into a lot more than a development agency. We have teamed up with different companies and facilities who are pushing the boundaries of technology to share experience and knowledge. TVRLP is now the think tank of the connected future, innovating, integrating and connecting!

Why do we do what we do?

To put it simply: we do what we love! We want the world to experience the benefits of AI, VR/AR/MR and Blockchain and we’re committed to creating and innovating. Our 3 key principles reflect our work and attitude:


Innovation – We want to push the technologies of the modern world forward, whether that’s through our development work, or with our current partnerships as the think tank of the connected future.


Integration – What’s the point of innovating a technology if it cannot integrate into peoples’ lives? We try hard to push the boundaries of technology while making sure that each piece of work fits seamlessly into life.


Connection – This is at the heart of everything we do. Technology should bring people together, not push them away. At the end of the day, we are all humans and care about friends and family.

Meet The Team.

Miguel Hormigos


Yrenis Perez

General Manager

Juan-Luis Lopez

Head of Development

David Vías

Unity Developer

Alberto López

Analyst Blockchain